Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dear Friend of Aniamls,
I am writing to ask for your help in obtaining a life saving operation for a horse who has had a hard life. Isabell came under my care as a rescued horse who had been neglected ad abused by starvation. If that were not enough, the horse's eye had been cut during a vicous dog attck. The eye became infected. In addition, the eye is now cancerous. The vet had made a diagnois that in order to save the horses eye, and possible her life, an expensive operation is needed, which brings me to the following request.
I'd like the opportunity to save this horse, but I need your help. I need funds to pay for the operation and medication. A transporter has donated hss services to take the horse to the hospital. Another friend is helping me get the word out. Can you help Isabell? Please send whatever you can to hep pay for the care of this horse to the below address. I look forward to discussing this with you.
Time is running out, accoding to the vet. Please consider this simple , direct plea for aid for a horse that cannot speak for herself. Thank you in advance for your kindness and assistance, dear friends.


Ohana Rescue
PO Box 494
Port Richey, Fl 34673


  1. I hope all the people we reach can help get the word out for the help we need for this loving animal.

    We have to reach as many people as possible, thank you for helping this animal Carrie. Your doing great things..


  2. Thank you george and Ellen for all your help and support.